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The Art

Kristin Abraham (Llamas) created fifty original paintings during The Nomadic Project in order to represent each of the fifty states. Every painting has been exhibited around the nation as part of The Nomadic Project and is individually registered with the National Fine Arts Title Registry. All original art is stretched canvas – guaranteed against fault in craftsmanship. Limited edition prints are available and every piece comes with registration details and artist appointed certificate of authenticity.

The Music

With just a Powerbook and acoustic guitar, Musician Alfonso Llamas recorded his thirteen month journey around America through music. The album is composed of ten tracks created and recorded during The Nomadic Project. Experience the landscape and inspiring journey through musical composition. The album is packaged in eco-friendly packaging and available for download or purchase.

The Book

Enter into this journey, coined The Nomadic Project, and experience all fifty paintings that were displayed separately in each of the fifty states. All fifty paintings from the journey are documented in this beautifully printed full-color book. Each painting is complimented by excerpts from the artist’s journal, providing background and insight behind the symbolism in each piece. Bring home The Nomadic Project and find out for yourself what happens when you “Open America.”

The Documentary

This is our chance to encourage America (and the world) to get out and be inspired! We are in the process of funding the process of turning over 180 hours of film, thousands of photos, and 5 artist sketchbook/journals into a full-length documentary. We will reveal the inspiration, dedication, trials and rewards that came with the journey of two young artists bravely setting out on a mission to unite a nation through art. Help us expose the story behind The Nomadic Project.

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